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  • Medical Appointments

Getting to a physician’s appointment in a timely manner definitely can be a hassle when you’re elderly. It’s where CXL Transportation Services LLC can offer a helping hand. Our non-emergency medical transport services are tailored to your special needs, to make sure you have an easy and comfortable ride to the doctor’s appointment. To ensure you get there on time, we also will take the more direct and quickest routes.​

  • Church & Community Activities

​Need to get church by a certain time but don’t want to wait around for a bus or even worse, transfer from three buses to get to your church that is halfway across town? No need to change churches to something more local! We can get you there on time every Sunday!

  • Family Functions & Holidays

Want to spend time with your family for the holidays but family can’t pick you up because they don’t have a car? No worries! We’ll pick you up and have you on time to eat dinner or lunch with your family.

  • County to County or Out of Town Transport

​Looking for non-emergency transportation services that cover larger distances? CXL Transportation Services LLC has you covered. With hours of behind-the-wheel expertise, our highly trained and professional team of drivers are more than ready to take you wherever you have to go, be it three or 300 miles away.

  • Social Security Office Visit

​Did your social security check get lost in the mail or delayed and you need to make an appointment to check on the situation? No problem! Just call us and we’ll get you to your appointment on time.

  • Veteran Services

​We offer rides across a continuum of care, from your veteran facility visits and appoints to patient homes and all places in between. We assist in getting patients where they have to go with non-emergency medical transport services, from Covid-19 Testing sites to wellness checks.

  • Educational or Lecture Opportunities

​Going to college for a continuing education opportunity or attending a lecture in your community? Not a problem! Allow one of our drivers to get you to your destination safely and on time.

  • Support Groups

​Need to let it off your chest what you’re going through during this pandemic? No need to isolate yourself if you don’t have the proper transportation means. Allow one of our drivers to take you to your support group so you can take care of your mental health.

  • Mental Health & Substance Abuse Facilities

​There is no need to avoid your mental health or substance abuse appointments because you were too embarrassed to ask someone for a ride. Privately and discreetly count on one of our drivers to respectfully and confidentially take you where you need to go.

  • Hospital Transfers or Discharge

​It isn’t uncommon for patients in one hospital to request non-emergency transport to another hospital. Maybe there’s a specialist in another hospital, or perhaps a broader array of services elsewhere. Regardless of the reason, it sometimes can become hard to determine just how to get from hospital to hospital without incurring the high expense related to ambulance travel.

  • And More!


Monday - Thursday

7AM - 10PM

Friday & Saturday

7AM - 3AM



*Exceptions can be made upon request at the discretion of management.

Transportation from Brunswick, Pender and New Hanover Counties
within 100 mile radius
Please select a 30 min pick-up window for your ride. If you are booking a recurring transport, we will invoice you based on our previously quoted rate. If you are bookin...
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