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New Hanover County Transportation Services


Whether you are headed to your doctor, or out to visit your friends,

let CXL Transportation Services  get you where you need to go safely

and easily.


Never miss a physician’s appointment ever again. With a fast phone call,

we’re able to arrange reliable and safe non-medical transportation so you

can meet family or friends, get to a medical appointment,

or run a simple errand. We even can accompany you.


Why Hire a CXL Transportation Services  Driver?


Death Rate for Elderly Drivers is 4 Times Greater than for Teens


Folks over age 65 represent 13 percent of the total population of the U.S., yet account for 18 percent of all traffic deaths. As the elderly population in the U.S. continuously grows, drivers aged 65 and up are expected to account for 16 percent of all collisions and 25 percent of all deadly crashes. After age 75, the risk of driver deaths sharply increases because elderly drivers are more susceptible to both crash-associated death and injury. Approximately 3 behavioral factors might contribute to those statistics: bad judgment in making left turns; drifting inside the traffic lane; and decreased capability of changing behavior in reaction to an unexpected or swiftly changing situation.


Up to 40 percent of Eldery Adults Miss Medical Appointments Because of a Lack of Transportation


For those without accessibility to private transportation, arriving to medical appointments may be challenging, particularly if they have chronic conditions requiring frequent appointments. Research discovered that problems with transportation led individuals to forgo their cancer treatments. Another study discovered that as high as 51 percent of people reported that a lack of transportation is an obstacle to health care accessibility. Still, one other study reported that bus users were two times as likely to skip medical appointments, as compared with vehicle users. Lastly, research from Harvard University found that 21 percent of older motorists miss out on tasks they enjoy due to driving limitations.


An Improvement in Accountability


The majority of folks under the age of 65 aren’t willing to speak with their parents about when it is time to stop driving. Around 40 percent of adult children state they would rather talk about funeral arrangements with their parents than if it’s safe to drive themselves. Roughly 29 percent of adult children think a healthcare provider is the best individual to determine when it is time to stop driving, whereby 25 percent claimed it was a family decision and 23 percent believed the local department of motor vehicles or government ought to make the decision. When no one has the desire to be a decision maker, mature adults are left to make these decisions themselves, most times with deadly consequences.


In addition, having a patient advocate or nurse who is familiar with your family member’s medical condition and history in the room during the medical appointment ensures more information sharing, perspective and insight, accountability, particularly when CXL Transportation Services  has been taking care of your family member daily with insights into crucial details gathered in the “blind spots” between physician visits.


The mission of CXL Transportation Services  is to provide superior non-emergency transportation to individuals and families; increasing access around our communities of Wilmington NC, Hampstead, Carolina Beach, and Wrightsville Beach. For more information contact us at 910-427-3276.

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