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Transportation Services in Pender County

At CXL Transportation Services , we have the ability to deal with your

non-emergency transportation needs. Our service is different from most

other options because we do not simply drop off you or your family

member, we’re able to escort and help them in their errands

and appointments.


Since we have the ability to tailor our transportation services to match

each customers’ needs, we possess the flexibility to do whatever the

circumstances call for. That might range from driving to a doctor’s

appointment, or any other type of trip within our agreed radius.


A typical doctor visit might appear something like the following:


  • Pick mom up at 7:00 am and drive her to the doctor’s office

  • Walk with her to the waiting area to be checked in by the front desk

  • Upon finishing the appointment, help her back to one of our vehicles

  • On her way home, stop at her pharmacy to pick up medicine then stop by the supermarket for light grocery shopping

  • Safely deliver her back to her house or place of dwelling and assist in unloading groceries


Non-emergency medical transport may be a critical tool for those needing medical attention, yet who don’t have a pressing medical requirement. This transportation method will ensure that the patient in need is going to have the ability to get from location to location safely and quickly. It’s different from other emergency transport which quickly can transport somebody in need of instant medical care to a hospital. There are 3 primary benefits of using non-emergency medical transport services:


1. It allows a medical professional to observe the condition of the patient


A medical professional has the ability to swiftly evaluate the patient’s condition and handle all medical assistance that a patient requires easily and quickly with non-emergency transport services. 


2. They’re able to carry critical medical equipment


Non-medical transport often will have the ability to include essential equipment that allows a patient to ride in comfort. The medical equipment might involve colostomy fluids and bags, and will help the driver manage the condition of the patient until they get to their intended destination. 


3. It’s less expensive than emergency transport services


Non-emergency transport often can work out to be less expensive, as compared with emergency transport services. A medical expert will have the ability to arrange an appointment with the patient, and the vehicle driver will not have to travel rapidly because a patient’s life is at risk. Plus, the price of an emergency vehicle owes to the quantity of emergency professional, and equipment that are, at all times, on board. If you just have problems getting from and to your appointments with the doctor, there isn’t any need for that many professionals, and you wind up paying the price for all that excess.

The mission of CXL Transportation Services  is to provide superior non-emergency transportation to individuals and families; increasing access around our communities of Rocky Point, Burgaw, and Topsail Beach.    For more information contact us at 910-427-3276.

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