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The mission of CXL Transportation Services LLC is to provide superior
non-emergency transportation to individuals and families;
increasing access around our communities.
Grandma and Grandchild in Embrace
Group Lecture
Old and Young
Therapy Session
Doctor and Patient

Transportation from Brunswick, Pender and New Hanover Counties within 100 mile radius

  • Medical Appointments

  • Church & Community Activities

  • Family Functions & Holidays

  • County to County or Out of Town Transport

  • Social Security

  • Veteran Services

  • Educational or Lecture Opportunities

  • Support Groups

  • Mental Health & Substance Abuse Facilities

  • Hospital Transfers or Discharge

  • And More!

Excellence in transportation available for all your non-emergency needs.
Please select a 30 min pick-up window for your ride. If you are booking a recurring transport, we will invoice you based on our previously quoted rate. If you are bookin...
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